Our Philosophy

Welcome to Coal Collective, the all-natural London charcoal brand. Our innovative collection of beauty, health and wellbeing formulations is crafted to channel the ancient detoxifying, cleansing and purifying benefits of organic charcoal.

Since charcoal was first discovered for its powerful properties, we have learnt a lot about the natural ingredient. As charcoal experts, we know that different raw materials create certain types of charcoal, each one offering its own set of natural beauty effects.

The Coal Collective range is infused with three types of high-grade charcoal made from coconut husk, British oak, and Japanese holm oak.

By handpicking the perfect type of charcoal for each Coal Collective formulation, we have created a beautiful range of organic charcoal products designed with bespoke compositions to deliver the most advanced results.

Every product in the range is entirely natural and aesthetically designed to enhance the important experience of modern beauty rituals.