Discover Natural Teeth Whitening with Oak Charcoal

natural teeth whitening oak charcoal

The quest for whiter teeth is one almost everyone can relate to. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, obsessed with beauty trends or not, you’ve probably wished your smile was a little brighter at some point. But the latest and greatest toothpaste isn’t delivering results, and you’re hesitant to put bleach or other harmful chemicals on your precious teeth (and rightly so!) – sound familiar?

Allow us to introduce to you a little revolution in natural teeth whitening (and one of our best selling products), Nº 01 – Mona Oak Charcoal Teeth Whitening. Our jar of pearly white promises is packed with oak charcoal, nature’s secret ingredient for smoother, whiter teeth after just a few uses.

If you’ve been keeping up with beauty trends lately, you’ll already know that charcoal really does work when it comes to natural teeth whitening. But did you different brands use different types of charcoal? Here are a few reasons why Coal Collective’s oak charcoal and our natural teeth whitening solution is a cut above…

It’s 100% British

We are a London brand and proudly source our oak charcoal locally from our British partners, The Dorset Charcoal Co. They grow the trees in Dorset, transform the wood into charcoal, and send it straight to us and other high-end brands including LUSH. Using only British oak charcoal allows us to have full control over the quality of the ingredient and support British businesses.

It’s sustainably sourced

Another reason we love working with The Dorset Charcoal Co. is the way they carefully manage their woodlands to allow for entirely sustainable oak tree harvesting. Knowing that our oak charcoal is made in an environmentally friendly way means everything to us – and because ‘shipping’ involves just a short drive, we are also reducing our business’s carbon footprint.

It’s made of oak tree

You may have already guessed it, but in our Mona product the charcoal we use is made entirely from the wood of oak trees. The raw material used to create the charcoal has a big impact on its quality and ability to naturally exfoliate and whiten your teeth.

It’s completely natural, organic and vegan

While a jar of black dust might seem somewhat unnatural, we can assure you that the only ingredient in Mona is oak charcoal (it’s that good), making the product 100% organic and suitable for vegans.

It’s free from all nasties

Bleach and other harmful chemicals are not part of our beauty ethos, and certainly not part of our natural teeth whitening solution. We believe in nourishing and pampering your body with natural ingredients that bring out your inner beauty, not harming your body in the pursuit of beauty.

It’s historically effective 

The last thing we have to say about our natural teeth whitening product is that it really works! When the charcoal’s complex micro-structure is brushed against your teeth, it acts as a gentle exfoliator, removing dirt, oil and stains to reveal a more polished and brighter surface. While some fads and trends do come and go, charcoal has been recognised for its powerful beauty benefits since the Ancient Egyptians were around, and this time it’s here to stay.


Keen to introduce our effective natural teeth whitening solution to your beauty ritual? Discover Nº 01 – Mona Oak Charcoal Teeth Whitening or shop the full Coal Collective range here.